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Conversations with Animal Farmers


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Conversations with Animal Farmers
By Karolin - 9 Feb 2013

Good morning Frank and Mary,
We all know how callused the dairy industry is but most farmers at least pretend to like their animals.
Yesterday I worked with a patient who was crying all day about how much pain he is in. Later on when he was awake we chatted a bit and he told me that he is a dairy farmer with about 500 cows. He told me all about his business and how he is getting modern milking machines installed. He said he gets about 200 babies each year and that the females become milk cows as well. We know what happens to the boys.
Although I listened and pretended I was interested in our conversation, I told him that I do not drink milk.
He then asked "well what do you drink then"?
I said "non dairy such as soy or almond milk"
He laughed and said "my wife tried that and she still looks the same"
I replied "I don't do it for looks"
He asked "why do you do it then"
I said "for the animals"
He replied "what animals?"
"Well, the cows and their babies" I said
He grinned and said "but they are not animals"
I asked "what are they then?"
He answered "they are just things......especially those that don't produce well"
I did not say anything back to him. I am not sure if I should have.
Today I am assigned to him again and I will be doing my best to make him comfortable. I am hoping that he will repent and see but I doubt that he will.
Have a wonderful weekend!