White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer
Comments by: Skip Luver - 29 Jan 2005

I just love you're page about deer! I feel the same way you do about deer hunting:) I live on a 32 acre land area and most is covered in woods. My brother-in-law comes here and hunts and there is nothing I can do but mourn for the deer he brings back down:( If I was the owner of this land, the only "Hunting" that would be going on would be Tracking deer to get pictures of them, like you do. But I'm only 13 and my parents own it:( But someday, when there gone, I have hopes to turn this into a deer reserve:)

Last summer, my dad and I found a baby fawn in the woods he had been crying so we went up to look for him. Unfortunately, he was trapped in a barbed wire fence that our neighbor has to separate our land. My dad got him out and we took him back down to our house where we bottle fed him special formula that we got at a local Agway store.

He still had his spots on his back, so we guessed he was pretty young. By the late afternoon, he was drinking and lifting his head. But that evening when I went up he was much worse.

I stayed with him and I was pretty sure it was his time to go to the great gates above, so I started singing him a song by Tim Mcgraw, "Live Like You Were Dying"

As I sang he had a seizure and I was trying to fight back my tears, It was a horrible thing to experience and sometimes I still remember that late summer day. I still blame myself for his death, as if I would have found him sooner, he would still be here.

My parents say that I tried my best and that at least he died with people by his side, and not alone on a fence.

After the summer of "04 I have taken more interest in deer than I ever had before. Soon, I will be going to the woods and filming deer. I would like to make friends with one, or a special bond, but I guess it might be better to keep my distance:) >

In the winter, if I gave the deer hay, do you think they would eat it? Instead of them having to dig in the snow.

I'll message you and let you know how it goes, or if it goes:)