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By David - 21 Nov 2013

I will try to make this short, I live in York County VA.

My daughter befriended an abandoned whitetail fawn this spring. We found it close to death and barely able to stand. My daughter was able to nurse the deer back to health and have been best friends ever since.

While we never restricted the deer or tried to keep her as a pet, she stayed close to our house and my daughters care. The deer had grown well over the summer and has since returned to the wild only showing up occasionally seemingly to say HI.

She showed up five days after the opening of hunting season with a badly twisted front knee wanting the care of her mother one more time. She is desperately trying to find some one that could come look at this deer without the threat of putting her in a cage or petting farm, she has fought so hard to keep her wild and part of her natural home and environment, we can pay or make donations if needed it is just not knowing where to turn.

Hope you could help.

Thanks again for any assistance


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