White-Tailed DeerWhite-Tailed Deer
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By David - 24 Nov 2013

The deer returned to her home still hurt.

The place you recommended, only reminded my daughter how she was wrong in saving this deer's life and how she could be fined and jailed and the deer put to death or treated and placed in a petting zoo.

Through all of her efforts to keep the deer as a wild animal she could not see it caged. It has been gone for days with no sign we can only hope for the best.

When we thought there was humanity left in the world, my daughter was proven one more time it does not exist in our world.

if the animal returns in any other capacity than the animals around our neighborhood every effort will be made to discourage any further contact.

My daughters heart was broken, to think all she wanted was some advice and she was only given threats of impressionist in the future. Please do not offer people with genuine  care in their hearts help when there was none to be given.


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