White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer
Comments by Erin Oldford - 2 Sep 2002

Hi everyone!

I'm afraid it's "that" time of year here in Michigan. Out of all the states I could have been raised in, it had to be one of the most popular hunting states in America. Some of you may remember that I live on a large pond where goose hunting was a very popular sport. I lived with hunters shooting their guns for years and murdering these beautiful creatures I watched grow up. It absolutely tormented me. Because it was so unsafe I was able to get the DNR to close the area to hunting "but by the grace of God", as they say. I made lots of enemies in the process but it is so nice not to have to listen to the shooting every September 1st.

Marci, your comments about your daughter and her concerns about hunters interested me. I would love for my children to grow up with respect and compassion for animals yet I struggle with not wanting them to be so burdened by it as I am. I guess that is in the Lords hands.

One more hunting story. Last May there was an article in our local newspaper about some men who did a presentation to K-4th graders at one of our local elementary schools about hunting. The article talked of how these men explained how cool hunting is, how thrilling, a great family activity. Supposedly the presentation was so well received they were going to do the presentation at all the schools in the district. I was sickened and mortified and immediately emailed my humble opinion to every administrator in the district. Within 10 minutes I received a call from the superintendent of schools who was as upset as I was.  He did not know about the presentation and was shocked.  In this day and age when kids are killing kids with guns, accidentally and on purpose, I could not believe anyone would encourage kids this age to use guns. Well, long story short, there will be no more hunting presentations in this school district. The superintendent was on my side. Not surprisingly, though, I was the only parent who called to complain. That is disappointing.

This is a tough season to get through here. Very soon I will see countless dead deer tied to the tops of trucks like trophies. Lots of deer are killed on the roads this time of year as well. moving more due to the hunters I presume.

And life goes on.........