White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer
Comments by: Marci Williams - 1 Sep 2002

Hello Mary and Frank:

We loved your deer pictures. Wish to see more.

A few months ago my husband observed a new-born baby deer on our dirt rural road. He stood by in case another vehicle came by. The little gorgeous creation struggled to pull itself into the brush. The mom stood nearby. My husband left and came home worried if it would survive. Now, nearly every day, we see the mom and TWO babies. She had twins!

Thanks for your pictures; they made my daughter feel better. You see, just the day before your pictures and comforting comments arrived, my daughter (almost 14) was grieving over how heartless, evil and cruel hunters are. She wondered how they fail to see the magnificent beauty God had created. They only know destruction. They must have grown up raised by dysfunctional mean parents.

I was just traveling home a few minutes ago on a lonely dirt road and passed two hunters with huge long guns. A horrible chill went through my spine. I felt unsafe and felt as if one was aiming at my head. I prayed for the animals. The hunters looked dirty and deranged.

Was the Holy Spirit letting me know the evil involved or is Satan just playing with my feelings? Am I putting things in my own mind? No, I think I am only acknowledging truth.

Furthermore, I am so disappointed in many other Christians. My daughter is fond of the Christian radio station 90.3 K-Love. Today she told me she will not listen to it anymore because the DJ commented on a song that mentioned "hamsters" and said, "Oh, we better not or the vegetarians will complain." She felt very down. I don't know how to raise her spirits. But, I thank you once again, your pics and comments help us and we appreciate all of you sending information to us and supporting each other. We don't feel alone with you.

Love, through Jesus Christ,