Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Ray Barta - 28 Oct 2009

Now, I understood this.

To me, "Christian" means: those that believe that Jesus the "Christ" (or crucified one) was God, and by dying a horrible death willingly paid the price for all mankind's sins.......however, only those persons that believe that this is what He did can be Christian.

I do not, therefore I am not Christian.

Does the word 'Christian' refer to anything about God?

The Christian religion requires that followers believe that Jesus was God.

Does the word 'Christian' refer to anything about the historical Jesus?

Yes, as it requires that followers believe that he was God and by dying, forgave all sin to those that believe that he was God.

Does the word 'Christian' refer to anything about the meaning of life?

I don't see that it does, except in suggesting that the meaning of life is to worship Jesus, to which I do not agree.

Does the word 'Christian' refer to anything about a Power over history that promises a certain future - even if it's beyond history?

I'm not sure I understand the question as it refers to history, but Christianity does promise a rosy future afterlife to those that believe.

Does the word 'Christian' refer to anything about the moral status of animals? If so, how? To persons as such? or only to humans?
If so, 'where does it say that'?

The bible seems to regard animals as both sacred beings with souls and inanimate objects that have no souls and can be killed for pleasure, so this is why I think that Christians generally don't care about nonhuman animals, and think that God loves only the human form of animal.

What makes something 'Christian'? How does something become 'Christian'?

A thing can not be Christian, only a human that believes that Jesus was God and died to forgive all human sin.

Can one be (like Mike in Canada) BOTH 'Christian' and non-Christian at the same time?

A person can believe that Jesus was God but reject many of the Christian religious teachings on higher principles in regards to the sanctity of life that goes beyond the human-centered teachings of the bible.

Love and compassion for All Beings....................Ray