Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Janet - 29 Oct 2009

I don't know everything there is to know about Christianity believe me. Its my belief that extending a hand of mercy to ALL those that need it, may not be the only important thing but it does bring one closer to God/Jesus. Since eating, though sounding so trivial, makes such a huge impact on so many things we can't see, to not acknowledge the suffering to me is sinful. And causing more suffering after you know what you're causing, is sinful to me. Though the harm may not be done directly by you, by buying the product, you are supporting it. You are voting with your money that the cruelty is ok. It's not. The hitman is no less guilty then the one who hired the hit.

I agree that Christianity isn't based on animals but that doesn't make them irrelevant. By being kind you are closer to God, and being kind against your best interest is even better. But being cruel is a sin and being cruel for your own benefit is worse. By living kind and caring about things beyond only what we directly see and trying to change things in our own humble or assertive way, we can't help but be closer to God. By doing negative, we get further away from God. I can say I love God all I want but if I run outside and chop the head off of a chicken, disregarding his/her fear and suffering, and then sit in front of my plate to pray...I'm not seeing the blessing no matter how much I go to church.