Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Robin - 29 Oct 2009


If you're asking that we on this list do more than talk about animals and what's wrong with other "Christians" and actually place veganism and animal welfare in a Christian context and struggle with what that means (is that what you're saying? like I said, I'm not sure), then I think we have to address what will be--I believe--an unpopular view on this list:

Jesus did not come to save animals.

He came to preach to PEOPLE, and He told them how to come to Him, how to live in a pleasing way, what hypocrisy was, what true religion was, and I don't see that his main thrust had to do with veganism. He seemed more concerned with the sincerity of our prayers, our willingness to be baptized and show a commitment to Him, the depth of our caring (and by that he often meant how much $$ we give to those who have less than we do), how much genuine compassion we have for OTHER PEOPLE, and numerous other things. By His answers to Satan when He was being tempted, it would seem He'd like for us to be well-versed in the Word so we know how to answer others when they try to bait us. He set an example and died a death so that we could live eternally.

Although I see a lot in the Bible that supports veganism, and although I believe I can be the best Christian (follower of Christ and one who has faith in Him) possible by following a vegan lifestyle, I don't think that is the most important part of His message. Hence, I am comfortable attending a church where most people eat meat, because I see the larger message of Christianity to be one of putting God at the center of our lives, praying constantly, serving our fellow man--not simply avoiding animal products in our diet.

(who probably just declared open season on herself lol)