Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Bernie Coombs - 1 Nov 2009

Dear vc-list friends.

Here is my answer to Maynard's question. (This may stir up more questions?) But this is the most important question that a person can ask here in this evil world. (Thank you Maynard).

There has been much discussion (and some controversy) lately about – “who or what is a Christian”? “What does Christianity mean”? In this present evil world – what does it mean to be “born again”?

Well! Here is the truth – if you believe the Holy Scriptures as written in the original Greek language of the New Testament? (Much truth has been adulterated in the transliteration of the original Greek – hence so many different translations/denominations and beliefs – or lack of).

The word “CHRISTIAN” is found written three times in the New Testament. Each time the Greek is spelt (spelled) slightly differently to accentuate each different context (unlike the English which does not).

In Acts 11:26 it is spelt Хριστιανούς. Meaning “called Christian”.

In Acts 26:28 it is spelt Хριστιανὸν Meaning “Convert to be a Christian”.

In 1Peter 4:16 it is spelt Хριστιανός Meaning “as or being a Christian”.

None of these actually explains “What is a Christian?”

So! What does it mean to be a Christian?

It means “belonging to Christ”. It does not mean YOU choosing HIM – It means HIM choosing YOU.

Paul was a reprobate – an antagonist to Christ. You Maynard are another Paul. My Lord has chosen you to be another Paul in these last days. Heaven help you. (Paul could have refused).

To you other Friends – being “Born again”. Read appendix H on: 

Maynard refuses to give his age - pride? Me! I was 84 last July 24 (yes, I’m a Leo) so I have probably seen more of life than any of you. Having encircled our little planet several times.

Here is one Scripture to ruminate on, to those who think you are above the rest of us.

Read 1 John 2:27 from any version that you have, and it will tell you that the teachings of this world are (College degrees etc.) worthless. Your only teachings are from the HOLY SPIRIT.