Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Kandy - 3 Nov 2009

Just to add one thing, it is important that we make our views fit the Bible, not the opposite way around. God gave us His Word for a reason. I do not eat meat because I believe God does not want me to. That does not mean I degrade someone else who feels differently. God will deal with them if He needs to. Again, I am not God. A good example is I have my nose pierced for a spiritual reason. Years ago, I heard about the Year of Jubilee. Those who were slaves were allowed to go free. If the person who was bound to slavery chose to stay a willing slave, that person's ear would be pierce to show the world that (s)he was a willing slave. I felt convicted that I needed this type of symbol to show that I am a willing servant of Jesus Christ. So I pierced my nose. Does this mean that everyone else will have the same conviction? Of course not! I have Christian friends who do not celebrate Halloween. I have Christian friends who say there is no harm.

It's all a matter of personal conviction. I see no harm in telling others how we believe about animals - out of love and compassion. And God is definitely a God of love and compassion toward all creatures. There is no doubt in my mind about that. But that does not mean that if there is a Verse in the Bible that makes me question that I am going to disregard that Verse. God's Word is God's Word. I may not know God's reasoning for that Verse being there, but it has a purpose - even if it does not fit my own purpose.

I hope that makes sense. LOL