Demand an End to Cruel Fiestas


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Demand an End to Cruel Fiestas
Comments by Belinda Ciurleo - 9 Sep 2010

This is absolutely barbaric, cruel and disgraceful. That people can do this, and watch this, and call it entertainment is sick. The fact is they are committing cruel acts of torture and abuse on these animals, both physically and mentally, and there is no right or reason for this.

Abusing, torturing and causing fear to an innocent, defenceless animal is NOT ENTERTAINMENT! It is abuse, it is cruel and it must be banned immediately. Anyone who thinks this behaviour is okay, obviously has a very severe mental problem.

People who are cruel and heartless like this, who think it's fun to torture an innocent animal, who think it's fun to see the fear and the pain in the terrified eyes of an innocent animal who has done nothing wrong, and does not deserve to be tortured....People like that are Sociopaths - or commonly known as Serial Killers.

All evil people grow up to do commit even more evil. Serial killers always hurt animals, and then move onto humans - so therefore it is a clear fact, that these evil people are all on the edge of being capable of being a serial killer. And if they think like serial killers who enjoy torture, then it is only a matter of time before they start killing people too. Perhaps someone will care about that!

All God's creatures deserve love and kindness, and no human has any right to change that, just because they enjoy torturing innocent animals. The whole world thinks this is disgusting, and these people should be ashamed of themselves. They are an embarrassment to the human race, and they should be locked up in jail immediately. Are there no animal rights laws in Brazil? What a disgraceful country to let such torture happen. .

Belinda Ciurleo