Demand an End to Cruel Fiestas


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Demand an End to Cruel Fiestas
Comments by Michel Michaeljohn - 12 Sep 2010

"SATANIC; HORRIFYING; GODLESS." The Catholic Church could "end" all of this "over night" (including the sadistic; HORRIFYING "torture and mutilation" of bulls (and horses) in bullfights) with a "Strong Public Statement of Condemnation" from the Pope.

Few know that in 1857, Pope Pius V promulgated the papal Bull; "De salute dominici Gregis" decree "against" the bullfights, which "excommunicated" and "denied Christian burial" to bullfighters and bullfighting fans because they were considered to be "demonic" people.

The papal bull remains in force, and recalled by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Gasparri: "The Church continues to condemn loudly, as did Pope Pius V, these bloody and shameful events." But at the moment, the church, especially the "Spanish" one has not been distinguished precisely by condemning "publicly and out loud" this "despicable act," rather, it has been "complicit" with their "silence" or "active involvement;" accepting animal torture and the killing of bulls in the name of virgins and saints, or "blessing" bullrings and bullfighting. In each bullring, is a chapel. Kill and then pray. Or vice versa. (There was a 5th commandment? ...)

Michel Michaeljohn
United States.