Did Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?

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Did Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
Comments by C W Payne - 4 Sep 2009

Good article on blood and flesh sacrifice, sacrifices of oblation and lying scribes!

I would say though; that Yahweh commanded not the sacrifices of oblation either! If He didn't need nor want nor command the one, He didn't need nor want nor command the other!....Story of Cain and Able and their sacrifices: Folklore/Myth Old Testament and old Israel traditions put the herdsman above the farmer, as Able was put above Cain. That ideology made animal sacrifice more important, more holy, than that of the field. And of course. The priesthood would be more interested in feasting on the animal than the side plate of vegetables and such!....Imagine the sweet aroma of barbecue from our backyard grills, the smoke of the sweet aroma rising into the sky. Would make any priest and their god's mouth water!

Wasn't it the blood and fatty parts and other organs of the beast not fit to eat that was given to their god, burnt on the alter? That was the healthiest and cleanest way to discard the unwanted stuff. Burn it and give it to god.... Now-a days it's processed and consumed as food!

CW Payne

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