Did Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?

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Did Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
Comments by Van Robison - 10 Dec 2009

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your comments on my email, and I have read your material on "Living in the Will Rather than the Concessions of God", which is a very interesting perspective. My oldest son was vegan for a couple of years and is still primarily so, but does eat meat with his wife and others at times. As a family of animal lovers, always having pets, we are the current owners of two goats, a llama, dogs and cats. Our children grew up loving animals of all kinds, including having as pets, snakes, hamsters, guinea pigs, various birds, gerbils, tarantulas, fish, chinchilla and probably other creatures, and always dogs and cats. My daughter also has a pot belly pig.

It is obvious that you are extremely zealous about the animal issue and while we believe in being kind to animals and as animal lovers, we are not to the point of dismissing the eating of certain types of animal meat, such as beef. However we do not agree with the manner in which chickens are cooped up, or which cattle are slaughtered and so forth. Primarily, life revolves around money and human greed, which fuels almost everything in life we know, including the medical and vaccination system we live under.

In my personal life, my great concern is that human beings are engaged in never ending and perpetual wars of death and destruction, the world over, under the pretense of fighting for "freedom and democracy", which is sheer propaganda. That there is a concerted effort to dominate and control the entire world is without doubt, and this mentality is Godless, barbarian and psychopathic. Demonizing others as a ploy to destroy them and control them is as old as life on earth. There have been many false flag operations in our time, such as 9/11 and countless others, which are very politically motivated for ulterior motives, designed and orchestrated by shadowy sources behind closed doors. What happened at Waco, was nothing short of mass murder of innocent men, women, children and babies. As always "the government" and "the news" (propaganda) media program the public to believe that evil is good and good is evil. There are many discerning people the world over who understand these issues, while there are also millions of people who seem to have no sense of discernment, and who are gullible and naive. Many think television "news" is "truth" and that movies are "truth", when both sources are agencies of mind programming.

There seems to be no human solution for the overwhelming problem of living with that element of human life, who have no conscience. How do people who have a conscience, coexist with those who are psychopaths and who have no conscience? And the world is fed a never ending stream of lies, deceit and mass propaganda by those who rule and control life on earth. How do nations fight wars for "peace", how do they kill to "love", and how do they steal the land and resources of others, to give them "freedom?" The victors of war write the "history" books to which future generations of school children are indoctrinated. In reality there are no "victors" in war, because even those who think they "win" are victims of their own folly and prisoners to their own stupidity.

We live in a world of fanaticism and paranoia, which robs human beings of living with real security, peace and safety. Wars, weapons of war, killing of humans and the theft of the land and resources of others, never leads to peace on earth. Only fools live under such delusions. But then national rulers, by the fruits of their lives and their decision making are "insane" human beings. And all the rest of us are compelled at gun point to comply or else. Taxation for example is nothing short of armed robbery, justified by rulers of men as necessary. Politicians live on welfare, because they have a free lunch for life, living off the backs of those who work and produce, while they play Russian roulette with the lives of humanity. A very interesting article by Lawrence M. Ludlow is "Christ's Teaching on Taxation (and Why Nobody Got the Joke" at www.strike-the-root.com/91/ludlow/ludlow1.html.

As a choice I would prefer to live on another inhabitable earth, where only people live who love others, and with no human government, no man-made religions, and where everyone treats others as they want to be treated. That means no lies, no thieving, no harm to others, no elitism, no deceit and so forth. This is what Jesus Christ taught and role modeled. Unfortunately, I don't see that ever in a billion years happening on planet earth, in spite of the best intentions of those who do have hearts of compassion and mercy and love. How can human nature ever be harnessed, except through Christ and the Holy Spirit, and even then people are still human. The world of "priests" and "pastors" is no different than politicians, and that is because they think they must control others, rule over others and are entitled to free money at the expense of their private and personal disciples. There is no Pastor but Jesus Christ, and "Christians" have yet to learn this truth.

Some of us are radical in thinking to the establishment and orthodoxy, but then so was Jesus Christ, who was non-violent.

Best regards,

Van Robison