Did Abel or CainDid Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 13 Jun 2010

Dear Sonia:

Thank you very much for your reply, and we're glad you found the epistle.

Actually, Jesus fed the masses with bread, and the two (only 2) fish that a boy gave Him. the fish were already dead, and He multiplied what was given Him to feed the thousands.

Have you read our Article in the Bible section, Living in the Will Rather than the Concessions of God? You might find it interesting and hopefully it will give you some insight into understanding the Bible.

You also may enjoy our vegan recipe section, and be as healthy as Daniel and comforted in the fact that no animal has to suffer or die so that you may live.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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