Divorce and Remarriage
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Divorce and Remarriage

Comments by Bernie Coombs - 7 Oct 2005

I am now over 80. Many many years ago I was divorced. I was given custody of my three children by the court - I brought them up as vegetarians (Seventh Day Adventists) as a single father for seven years. (It was difficult), - then I met my present Darling Wife whose family were atheist but she had become a Christian due to the influence of her Grandmother (Salvation Army). She took me and the kids on and we were married (almost forty years ago, much to the chagrin of her Parents).

We are still very happily married and she stood beside me through the traumas of the writing of my book "All Creatures do go to Heaven" which is on Frank's site. One of my Granddaughters turned Vegan a year ago.

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