Divorce and Remarriage
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Divorce and Remarriage
Comments by Alison - 9 Apr 2007

Dear Frank and Mary,

I was married for 8 years, and have 3 children by my former husband. At first we were happily married, but when my husband started gambling, things just got worse and worse. In the end we got into so much debt that I couldn't even afford to feed the children, and, though friends and family tried their very best to talk some sense into my husband, he would not listen.

In the end I was advised by my Christian friends that it would be best to leave him and start a new life without him, which we did, and, though I loved him very much - and still do - I still believe that it was for the best!

I am now divorced and am bringing up my 3 children, with the help of my parents and other members of the family. This is working very well, which I believe shows that God is still with us after everything we've been through.

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