Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Cate - 11 Apr 2007

I want to believe that my beloved pet will be in Heaven with me. God knows that I do not deserve salvation and that my beloved Sadi does. We had to put her down April 6, 2007, and I am still crying when I get home from work and she does not greet me at the door.

I had a dog that was nothing like Sadi that pooped in the house and terrorized everything and would not like that dog in Heaven and how about animals such as cattle that we eat. How will they be included in Heaven when they do not understand salvation.

Weren't animals created for us. I am sure they were created the same day as us (sixth day) and first/before us. Adam named all the animals and they were not meat eaters/neither were we, until we believed Satan's lie (sinned). I want to believe I will see Sadi again. I think I actually loved my dog Sadi more than my sister-in-law. God forgive me. :-)


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