Do Animals Go To Heaven?

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Do Animals Go To Heaven?
Comments by Mary Ann Snow - 8 Aug 2007

I found your website when I was looking for something else. It's amazing.

I read some of the stories and of course I had to cry about them. I had three little poodles, two mini and one toy. Katie and Molly were littermates and then we had a little boy (the toy) named Doogie. On September 16th 2005 Doogie laid down and passed away. I hate it that I couldn't hold him but I didn't even know he was leaving me. He hadn't been ill, his heart just gave out.

And then on May 24th 2006 I had to say goodbye to Molly. She had liver cancer and I didn't find out until about 3 weeks before she became so ill that even a trip to Texas A&M couldn't help her. She acted just fine up until the last 2 days.

I still have Katie, she turned 13 on July 8th of this year. We also have PeeWee. He came into the shelter that I am on the board of and they knew that I really missed Doogie. And now we have Princess. She is a little Yorkie that we adopted also.

However, I know that I will see them again in Heaven. All my fur kids will be waiting for me.

Thanks for having a site that celebrates the joy of sharing your life with animals.

Mary Ann Snow

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