Do Animals Go To Heaven?


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Do Animals Go To Heaven?
Comments by Gail - 5 May 2011

I loved the sermon on Solomon and thanks.

I have another question. Every week we try to find homes for animals that will be put down on Wed. at animal control. The humane society in Sebring, FL is no kill.

Every week I pray for and help animals from animal control. I just was so sad yesterday that I didn't feel like going on. So to help my depression over the killing of all these animals, I started to cut their pictures out and put on a poster board to show at Petco and the animal rights convention in July.

My question: are all of these animals on my poster in God's presence now until the new heaven and earth comes? What is your opinion? Are they in their animal forms or just a spirit? When they appear to people at their death as the original animal, I believe that is how they are now. What is your belief?