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By Noelene - 14 Nov 2013

With respect, I think that if God is separate from us and His creation, as a loving Father, then He must be an entity, like a person; so therefore,  does He, as the Entire Great Spirit of Life, have a secondary spirit which he places in us?  I can’t think that that is so!  Since we can’t breathe of our own volition, I believe that the spirit of Life is in us, and I don’t believe there is another worthy spirit than the one God.  Jesus spoke of the One God, He did not split Him up into three.   He worshipped and followed the One God, not His (Jesus’) Father, and the Son (Himself) and the Holy Spirit. There is only one HOLY Spirit – God.

I believe we are to look to God as the ONLY ONE – the One Spirit of all Creation – in ALL Life, including us.  We are made “in His Image”, and what is that image in us, to be reflected by us, but the image of love, of compassion, of patience, of beauty, of kindness, etc etc –everything truly Good  -   sufficient challenge for anyone!!   So we are the tiniest spark of the all-encompassing, omnipresent, omnipotent God, SPIRIT of LIFE.   We can’t be separate from our very source of life and breath, mind and thought.     So we are on a long journey of experiences, learning to become more and more a true expression of that inner spirit – whatever we think it IS.

There are those who maintain that the Spirit of God resides within the Sun, with a connecting ray to every living thing.  If that is not so, then certainly the Sun is at least a perfect reflection as a part of God:-     giver of physical life, warmth, joy, light, peace,.......

If God is separate, then He is an entity, like a human, and controlling everything, not Be-ing and experiencing everything.

If God is an entity, who can be angry, jealous,  severely judgmental and punishing,  He can’t be God; He is then no better or greater than a human!!


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