Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Sven - 14 Nov 2013

I believe in animal immortality even if I know that many Christians do not. I believe it is a truth that there is a continuation after death for animals that have died as well as for humans (including even those who died as unborn).
Belief in animal immortality can, I think, be positive not only because it is truth but also when it comes to the practical  treatment of animals because it can  lead to thoughts of animals not being so different from us that many people,  among them many Christians, think.
If I do not remember it wrong the protestant French theologian Jean Calvin that worked in exile in Switzerland in Geneva in the 1500:s, preached once that it appears  that animals will have a better life than in this world post death even if not the same glory as humans saved by Christ.
However some people might think in another way. Some people might
think that if animals aren't immortal, then it does not matter how we treat them. So there is also a danger that some people will take it as a reason to treat animals badly. It has two sides.


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