Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Sven - 14 Nov 2013

Thanks for responding Ray, Frank and Mary! It is true Ray that energy changes form without being destroyed and I also believe that consciousness remains post death for both humans and animals.

I also believe that God is eternal, but I would not say that neither animals nor humans are "part of God".

I believe that God is separate from creation in the same way that the artist is separate from the painting.

Creation's brings witness about God, I think, but it is not God in it self. I believe God loves created beings of all forms, but it is an important distinction between the pantheism of religions of the far east where God is everything and the  theistic view of the gospel where God is like a loving father but not one with the world.

I believe that both humans and animals will have life in eternity still being individual personalities deeply loved by, but still separate from the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When it is time for communion in church the priest, where I live, sometimes say about God that "with your love you surround all creation". When I hear it a chill goes down my spine because then it feels like The Holy Spirit is really indeed present. However that is not God being the creation. I believe God has been present on earth in Jesus from Nazareth, but that he is unique.

These are important theological issues for me.


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