Do Animals Go To Heaven?Do Animals Go To Heaven?
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By Sven - 15 Nov 2013

Noelene: I very strongly disagree with you. The world spirit is used with different meanings. To have God or the spirit of God inside means to be strongly influenced by the love, truth and power of God but it does not as I see it mean to  BE God. God being separate from us does not at all mean that God has all (negative) properties that we have. God is not in all like a human but I believe God shares some of our features.

God  as I believe is present in us and in everything around us like the artist is present in a beautiful painting, like a composer is present in a song, like a watchmaker is present in the watch. I am NOT GOD. In me is darkness , but not in God. The gospel makes clear difference between the will of God and what is evil. God presented in the gospel is a loving God who wants to have a personal relation with us and who shared human suffering on the cross for the sake of love. The theistic view is very central in the teaching of Jesus, in a Christian perspective.


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