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By Noelene - 17 Nov 2013

Hello again  

I actually think that it is in the spirit that we feel the joys of earthly life  -  it is our spirit which delights in Nature, in hugging someone, (or not hugging them;  -   ( isn’t there a concept by some that standing back, and, instead, recognising and acknowledging the other’s spirit, and their uniqueness, is the alternative??)  -  and our spirit delights in the strength and freedom of physical energy and activity, and so on.  Therefore I believe that that joy of spirit continues and is intensified  after the body drops away......

I definitely believe that there is truth in all I’ve read that there was patriarchic intervention in the wording of the Bible in terms of,  for example,  the nature of God.     Love and Wisdom and omnipresence  appear to have been omitted from the thinking and experience and ‘teachings’ of those early ‘leaders’...for whatever reason.

If we have any link with God, the ONE and ONLY GREAT SPIRIT OF ALL LIFE,  then I can’t help but feel that we must include our own instinctive impressions of  God in our lives and experiences and awareness,  as well as considerations of the Bible;    and  there is no reason to consider that written Word to be, necessarily,  totally the truth in every aspect,  compared with our own God-given awareness and intelligence (ON any Bible aspect which does not appear to be ‘God-given’).


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