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By Ray - 19 Nov 2013

The science of the physical universe is very complex and had to be thought up and created for a reason.  From the particles that make up the electrons and neutrons and protons that make the atoms that makes the mater, to the way the elements are created by the arrangement and configurations of the atoms, to the physical properties of the elements and the way they can form compounds, to the way each individual cell is constructed and how each cell builds each structure that builds the bodies that we use, it is just amazing.   I do not claim to know that reason why all of this was created, but I have theories.  One theory is so that consciousness could use the physical realm to have form and substance and linear time in which to experience the fun and joy that only being in the physical realm can give.  That the reason for the physical realm is to leave the nonphysical realm for a short time and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that only the physical realm can provide.

So, it is possible that after we die and lose our physical bodies, we return to the nonphysical state of consciousness, likely from which we came. If we get new physical bodies, then they would exist in the physical realm, by definition of being physical.  That would be reincarnation.  I do accept that we could be reincarnated into a physical realm that would be very different from this one that would not require eating other living things or beings, that would not require suffering and death.  It would require different physical laws, which is possible.

I wonder if we are here in order to weed out those that will harm others for their own pleasure from those that have love and would not harm for their own pleasure, so that when we are reincarnated, we can be in a realm that only has those that love and there would be no suffering and death.  I see that as possible, that would be my definition of heaven.  I would not be happy for all eternity worshiping at the foot of God or Jesus..Eternity is a very long time.....I think I'd get bored. 

So, to answer your question by using Jesus's words: (paraphrased) No one knows, no eye has seen, no mind could imagined what the kingdom of God is like.  Jesus didn't try to describe what "heaven" is like, he might not have known.  I don't know either, I just have theories that try and make sense of our existence and I'm always collecting knowledge to revise those theories.

Today's top theoretical  physical scientist, knowing that solid mater is and illusion of pure energy, can not disprove, and wonder if we are all in a computer simulation, a virtual reality of a type.  That outside this "computer" is where we really exist.  Our existence here is that hard to comprehend from within our realm.  Like characters in a cartoon, try to understand the cartoonist by looking at the properties of the cartoon. 

Those that claim the know, know even less than I do, and certainly those that existed thousands of years ago could never have imagined what I know.


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