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By Sven - 19 Nov 2013

Hello again Noelene!

I began this thread by stating my belief in an afterlife also for animals as well as for humans (born and those who have died/been killed unborn too) because of the love of God , but it changed to an interesting  discussion about God.

I think these theological issues are very important so I feel I must answer again. I feel a little like a pastor today :-) even if I am an engineer and science teacher.

When I wrote  "not all" I meant like you "not any". is God a God of wrath? I would say that I think "God hates sin but loves  the sinner" has some truth in it. Sin is what is contradictory to love.

I actually and honestly think it is UTTERLY IMPORTANT that the christian congregation dares to talk openly and honestly even about hell. It is very clear that it was no church council at all but Jesus himself that warned  time after time after time for that there are two possible ways out from this life on earth at death. That must be preached because Christ himself preaches it. So I really believe. Teachings that deny this is absolutely non Christian teachings.

Church councils have later confirmed what was already believed, not "invented" it.  

HOWEVER personally I tend to believe that it is not God that actively "throws someone in hell".

I more believe that the  disharmony we create OUR SELFES is something that we risk to bring with us to "the other side", that we so to speak "create hell ourselves that can follow us ALSO AFTER DEATH.

But in contradiction to religions of the far east I believe in the grace that Jesus CAN SAVE us from that and not in a karma system that is typical of eastern religions. GRACE AND NOT KARMA!

Yes I believe that Jesus Christ is really our saviour and that there are good reasons to celebrate Christmas.

It is true that some people are hard and unloving against others thinking they do Gods will, and that is sin I believe. that is terrible. I also think you are right in that God is perfection, but I think that it can very easily lead to a wrong picture of God to say that every living being is a part of God.

I rather say that God loves living beings of all kinds but not that they are part of God. I am NOT STATING TWO SPIRITS of God the way you might think I do BUT i am stating that the world spirit is used in different meanings when we speak. To get the spirit of God for a human means to have the divine love, inspiration, energy , understanding .... and more from God, but I still believe there are three real persons (not with the imperfectness we have, not with our faults , not with our lack of love towards both humans and animals) , but still persons that we call the Father, the Son (who lived on earth and shared human suffering) and the Holy Spirit that we can have a personal relation with, that love us , but that may not always agree with the ways we choose in this world, because they have greater insight than us and because they love us.


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