Does God Want Us To Eat Meat?


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Does God Want Us To Eat Meat?
By Ronald - 11 Dec 2008

Yes, men solely ate plants before the Fall. Man's rebellion changed all that. Death then ruled. Eating of meat forebodes the sacrifice of Christ. This is the long-term view which material determinists do not seem to understand.

For whatever reason God commanded it (likely the survival of mankind), the Noahic command to eat meat is universal, as God's blessing and covenant with Noah applies to mankind in general. God requires the eating of animals in the sacrifices, through the Mosaic Law. God Himself sacrificed animals for Adam and Eve's clothing. Jesus Himself would have eaten animal flesh under the requirement of the Law for the Passover.

It is sad to see people with personal preconceptions force their view onto the Scriptures to their own hurt and to others whom they influence. People should judge themselves by the whole of God's Word, not the other way around. Listening to God is good to those who listen.

Re: Lisa's comment, the bloodiness of meat-eating is designed to remind men of the cost of their rebellion against God. It is supposed to be disgusting.

If you do get humans to stop eating meat, what will you do about the carnivorous animals?

Will you destroy wild animal habits for farming?