Does God Want Us To Eat Meat?


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Does God Want Us To Eat Meat?
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 7 Aug 2011

Dear Brian:

You should look at: Be Fishers of Men – Not of Fish (John 21:1-17) 

The main thing that you are leaving out of all of your comments is the horrible pain and suffering that you are advocating being inflicted upon animals, so that humans can eat their flesh, eggs, and dairy products.

You should learn a lot more about nutrition, because all the essential fatty acids can be made by our own bodies except two, and they are available in plant food.

Furthermore, the healthiest people in the world are those who eat an unprocessed whole plant food diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. The eating of animal products, as you advocate, are the primary causes of most of our chronic diseases, and they can be prevented and in many cases reversed by switching to a whole plant food diet.

To us, this proves without a shadow of doubt that God does not want us to eat meat!

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary