Dog Racing

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Dog Racing
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 4 Dec 2007

The problem within an empathy corrupt society, which ours definitely is, is that when we accept any form of animal exploitation it soon becomes corrupted and the animals begin to suffer.  The key to this corruption is our societal lack of empathy for animals beyond our companions or certain species.  People may love their dog, but they don't love or have empathy for the chicken, cow, or pig on their plates.  And the second contributing factor is the love of money.

Tori told us about her family's hobby of dog racing, and that all of their dogs were beloved companions, and as long as the dog's enjoyed the activity, it was great for all involved, but Tori also admits that when the hobby turned into an industry, it also became abusive to the dogs, which she finds appalling.

She also told us about a greyhound rescue and retirement organization, and this is great, because it protects the dogs and helps give them a loving home.  However, it also gives the corrupt dog racing industry a socially acceptable way of dumping their 'unloved trash', which allows them to continue to exploit and abuse other dogs.

These are just a few of the reasons that we take our stand against all forms of competition that use or exploit animals, because the very nature of competition leads to corruption.

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