Dog Training Vs. Abuse

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Dog Training Vs. Abuse
Comments by John Elliott - 27 Jul 2007

I agree with most of your views, but disagree that training guard dogs (only certain breeds) does not have to be barbaric a few occasions over the life of the dog. These dogs can be very dangerous. Dogs such as the Doberman are very stubborn so it is critical that they are under control.

An alpha role is only established by physical dominance just as in nature. Choking has been found by trainers to be very effective and less damaging to the dog than other forms of physical harm. Done properly it is rarely needed and it has a very positive effect on the dog-trainer relationship where the dog will absolutely adore the owner, which actually adds a great life experience for the dog. Contrary to human logic it greatly enhances the bonding making for loving relationship that is deeper than anything possible without this barbaric approach. This is only true for certain breeds; definitely not for retrievers, hunting dogs or other pooches. Our logic is naturally tipped towards humanizing everything, as Disney has done with animals, but animals do not have the same brains.

Your cause is great, but on this point you may be partially incorrect. However many trainers do not apply this training properly, and then it becomes abuse. There you are correct.

John Elliott

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