Dog Training Vs. Abuse

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Dog Training Vs. Abuse
Comments by John Elliott - 28 Jul 2007

Dear Frank and Mary,

I had a few Dobermans and one special one until my kids arrived, when the dog went to a ranch. (Male Dobermans are not safe with children. They are very jealous dogs that will turn when those feelings come.) We had a line of people that wanted the "Duke" because he was highly trained to guard, obey and was the most loving dog ever. People would meet the dog and talk for years thereafter about this fantastic animal.

Just recently my neighbor, in SoCal suburbia, where I now live and detest, had an out-of-control pitbull. I continued to chew the family out about the dog -- publicly humiliating them until I guess that they euthanized it. It made me livid to see that dog left alone and untrained. Now those neighbors hate me. 95% of the time guard dogs are untrained. They are then very dangerous which is very sad to see. I'd like to see their breeding outlawed or highly controlled.

I have gone to Schutzhund school ( a German program for guard dogs). The dogs seemed to have fun, but in general the school seemed to be a bunch of idiot rednecks who were too stupid to be able to figure out how to train dogs. Some of the dogs were good though, and it was definitely helpful. What was alarming though was the emphasis on attacking and the natural lack of interest that these people had in obedience training -- a must when the dog has been trained to attack.

Regarding guard dog training, I have found that the best way to establish the Alpha role is to cradle the dog, on its back, in your lap for hours. After it gets accustomed to this position you do not let it leave when it wants to (which will be within minutes for a male) and instead make it go to sleep. You can do this while watching TV and sometimes within one day the dog is bound to you. The results are amazing and training is very easy thereafter.

Keep up the good work.

John Elliott

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