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Dominion: Comments and Discussion
Comments by Ruth Eisenbud - 12 Mar 2010

Dear Frank and Mary,

"Where on earth are you getting the idea that we are allowing for the slaughter of animals. We are against all slaughter and exploitation"

From you. "The Bible clearly describes the concessions God allowed sinful human beings as a way of limiting their evil activity in order to bring them back into His heavenly will."

The concession in this statement refers to the reason humans are allowed to eat meat...

You may personally be against slaughter and exploitation, but Christian dharma is not.

This statement implies that the lives of some beings have less worth than human lives and may indeed be taken to benefit humans. There can be no justification or excuse for the allowable abuse of animals, even as a concession. It must be repudiated.

It is no wonder there is so much confusion in the Christian community about compassion for animals...Your call for compassion is contradicted by this statement and most Christians are aware of this contradiction.

There are no contradictions in the Jain model. There is no justifiable reason to harm or slaughter animals...The results speak for themselves.


Ruth Eisenbud