Dominion: Comments and Discussion


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Dominion: Comments and Discussion
Comments by Ruth Eisenbud - 21 Mar 2010

Dear Frank and Mary,

It is not fighting against any religion to state that the dominion model of compassion is responsible for untold suffering for animals. Pointing out the negative impact of dominion is reality and it must be faced and acknowledged before we can make progress towards helping animals.

While it is admirable to try and soften the message of dominion, preserving this model of animal compassion, which does allow for the harm and slaughter of animals because of concessions by God, or misinterpretation, will not result in softening many hearts. Only a message of unconditional compassion without exclusionary clauses has been shown to be effective in producing meaningful results...

I understand that it is very important for you to state the model of animal compassion as cited in the bible, but consider that the animals should come before preserving religious values which have been so harmful...

I understand that you care profoundly, but I wish you cared enough to have the courage of Reverend Andrew Linzey.

I have an idea. Would you be willing to write to Wesley Smith and explain that he is misinterpreting dominion and that in fact human and animal welfare ought to be equally endorsed?

By the way, he wrote a book condemning the animal rights movement as animal human, anti-democracy with the potential to destroy western civilization and all progress...The message I sent you is a rebuttal to his inaccurate statements about a movement that seeks compassion for animals.