Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 14 Jun 2006

Dear David:

We agree that animals will never be free of tyranny, until a majority of the people understands about giving animals the rights they are entitled to, and work for such legal protection. However, we disagree that animal welfare is the antithesis of animal rights. Animal Exploitation is the antithesis of animal rights, and welfare does play into the hands of the exploiters in many cases, but at least most welfare people have an open ear and truly desire animals to be free of pain and suffering. These are the easiest people to teach about rights, and we’ve had some success in this area. What remains is the best way to do this most effectively.

This is also the reason we wanted to ponder over your suggested “hook” phrase: "So You Think Saving Animals Saves Animals?"

Saving animals does save the individual animals, even if it doesn’t save the vast majority. These small successes also seem to lull most people into the false sense of feeling they accomplished more than they actually have, but to discourage this could be counter productive. A vegan saves at least 3 land animals a month, which is great, but every vegan also needs to be educated and encouraged to go on to greater things by helping to effectively give all animals the right to be free of pain, suffering, and human exploitation.

We believe that this is our challenge.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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