Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 17 Jun 2006

Dear David:

In this response, we want to start with your last comments first.

We totally agree that on our present course of promoting animal rights, that we actually lost ground when we consider the number of other animals that are suffering, and if we continue on this course, it will take a very long time to give animals their basic rights. Thus, in our opinion, we need to take a different approach.

However, during this same period of time, and particularly with the advent of the Internet, we are seeing a growing public awareness of the plight of non-human animals. This is an opportunity we need to utilize.

We have been successfully doing what others have considered to be impossible for the past 45 years, and we’ve done it by utilizing the best people and methods we could find, and restructuring them to meet the needs of our clients. If someone is willing to learn and do the job, they’re the best people for the task, and many of them already have the basic skills. We’re positive that this kind of strategy will also work in giving rights to all animals, which brings us back to the present day welfare minded people.

Our chicken example was only intended to show how we can BEGIN to reeducate people about thinking in terms of rights rather than welfare. And once we get them to listen, it’s not that much of a leap to help them realize that other animals have the RIGHT not to be the property of humans.

We cannot afford to close and lock doors that are already unlocked, and may even be slightly ajar.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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