Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 23 Jun 2006

Dear David:

These same violence studies do link and increase incidence of domestic violence with people who work in violent jobs: military, police, prison guards, slaughterhouse workers, farmed animal workers and hunters. Violence produces more violence. History has proven this over and over again. So why not use it to promote rights, even if the studies were based upon human subjects?

The root cause, or at least a large common denominator is human violence toward animals, which for the most part, people can get away with, and even get paid to do.

Small groups work, but so do large groups. Of the people who were in Albany, how many have followed up as we have?

Large groups also have the advantage of reaching more people, so there is a better chance of getting more people to respond, with the same effort to reach them. All of the points you make can be presented in both realms.

The mass media, with the exception of the internet, won’t publish or promote our rights issues because it works at cross purposes to their sources of funding, that is, unless something is too dramatic to ignore, such as with mad cow, but even then their approach was welfare directed, and never to abolishing the source of the problem.

We have come to the conclusion from our internet experience that many of these potential animal rights workers are young people (high school and younger). We are reaching an average of about 25,000 people a day, and of these about 10,000 are young. We need to find the best way to have them want to learn more and to be more effective in ending the violence to animals and giving them the rights they disserve.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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