Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

Comments by David Cantor - 27 Jul 2006

Dear Frank & Mary,

I've been looking at your 12 points and want to get back to you with all of my thoughts as soon as possible -- have had some interruptions.

I was thinking perhaps, as I refer to myself as "a recovering welfarist," and as The Twelve Steps are famous for alcoholism/addiction recovery, the animals' 12 Points might be for getting over welfarism rather than off of animal products. Since using animals and animal welfare are two sides of the same coin, being stuck on welfarism keeps animal rights from operating as a serious social movement, and animal rights will mean an end to animal products, it makes sense to me to think of it this way.

It partly depends on the audience and purpose. I see it as primarily for advocates who want animals to have rights and understand the need for new approaches and to abandon old ones. So I thought something like Toward an Animal Rights Movement: A 12-Point Welfarism Recovery Program. Thinking "points" works better than "steps" here since these things don't have to be done in any particular order and for the most part need to operate simultaneously.

Let me know what you think, and meanwhile, I'll keep getting my thoughts together on the particulars so I can be more concrete soon. I'd think multiple drafts would be needed to ensure greatest effectiveness, and maybe if you don't mind I'd run it past an animal rights theorist or two -- but not with the understanding that we'd change it just on their say-so; we'd consider whether the theory fits needed practice, since we're advocating & educating, not just theorizing.

Best wishes,

David Cantor
[email protected]

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