Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Comments by Antony Coles (22 Jun 1999)

Part I:

Man invents a replacement "Evolution God" - to replace the God of the Jews (the God of their Holy Scriptures).

This "Evolution God" is understood to be responsible for suffering and evil, RELIEVING MAN OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WORLD.

Evolution is the AMORAL GOD directing survival of the fittest as the correct political agenda and NEGLECT OF THE WEAK IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND.

"Evolution" replaces a spiritual reality, claiming to be the ultimate empirical scientific reality - so MERCY IS MEANINGLESS (as is decency).

The scripture of the Jews gives a sober and honest account of the Creator who seeks to save his children from the evil which they have chosen.  The lord Jesus who was Christ came to fulfil those scriptures.

We have intelligent minds - which God will YOU choose??

Part II:

The Bible scriptures nowhere talk about an explosion ("Big Bang") starting the Universe, nor about a struggle of species, extinctions, death and suffering for millions or billions of years finally culminating with historical mankind. God is love and created the heaven and earth with LOVE. The perfect creation contained no death until man (Adam) ate the fruit, which God commanded (for man's own good and protection) him not to eat.

Nowhere does the Bible suggest that this was anything other than a specific fruit on a specific tree. God planted a beautiful garden for his children to dwell in and begin their lives on the earth, with many beautiful trees, flowers and herbs. God's truth is simple to understand for children - it is adults who have hardened their hearts against the Creator in their rebellion and pride.

Does anyone on this list have postgraduate degrees or a first Bachelor's degree from a Creationist school/Seminary??

I am not ashamed to declare that I believe people need to understand that they are sinners so that they can appreciate the good news of Christ's miraculous love.  It is a lack of preaching Christ crucified and a replacement with a worldly mixed-up Christianity which avoids harsh reality, which makes society impotent to deal with drug addiction, fornication, adultery, pornography, factory farming, vivisection, etc.

We have the opportunity on this list to make the words "Christian" and "vegetarian" meaningful again instead of allowing the confusion and sin of the world and our own hearts/minds pollute the truth of the Lord Jesus.

As Christians we claim to follow the Lord Christ who rose from the dead and is reigning at the right hand of the Father. Please don't use this list to promote other gurus and philosophies which divert us from God's Good News that He loves us so much that the Lord Christ was willing to be tortured and crucified so that our sins might be washed away by His blood and put to death with His body.

Lord God I pray that you will reveal the miracle of the gospel in all hearts on this list, and send your Holy Spirit to enlighten all our Bible study for your glory. Amen

Post Script:

The beginning of creation and the new heaven and earth are completely vegan ("Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven") and by repentance God can begin the process of sanctification in our lives. Please share the good news about our Lord and Saviour Christ with your neighbours - it IS GOOD news. It is evil that delights if we deny or dilute Christ's miraculous crucifixion love.

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