Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Response by Antony Coles (24 Jun 1999)

Firstly it is important to distinguish between adaptation and "evolution".  Adaptation is where genetic traits are revealed which benefit the organism's survival in a specific environment. Natural selection (as observed by my fellow-countryman -!- Darwin) does indeed occur.  BUT this does not prove evolution which proposes the development of entirely virgin organs by some process of mutation - there are no mechanisms known by which complete new organs can be generated by mutations (incomplete organs always hinder an organism). Mutation has always given evidence for genetic loss rather than gain. Genetic improvement has always made an organism a better member of THAT SPECIFIC species never an intermediate to another DISTINCT species.

[referring to Frank's post]

I believe God created this tree and its fruit to better demonstrate His perfect love for us. Imagine the God who LOVES US SO MUCH that He suffers with EVERY creature to honour our free choice (more specifically our first fore-father's choice) to disobey and collude with evil - to have knowledge of evil and death.

Isaiah 55:9 - For [as] the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I believe God planned/allowed the process of evil to fill His creation as an act of delegation of responsibility to the crown of His creation, mankind. God gave him dominion over His creation, and clear instruction on this role - but man most definitely was given a directing power over the whole created order. Man was able to reject God's instruction and suffer with ALL creation the consequences of this management decision. (Animals suffer in innocence like Christ ).

I understand that research has been done showing that new genetic traits displayed in various "pest" species, which become manifested in the populations under specific conditions (eg. chemically toxic environment) are always found to be recessive genes which otherwise lay "dormant" . (Though the process of genetic recombination in bacteria is somewhat different from that in sexual organisms.)

It is helpful to distinguish between evolution meaning a general process of change (which we all observe) and the rather subtle all-encompassing general theory of Evolution which proclaims to describe all observable phenomena in the Universe. It truly is a religion in its own right - and stands as the "best" alternative theory offered against the scriptural, historical, personal revelation of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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