Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Comments by Frank L. Hoffman (23 Jun 1999)

I also believe that God created everything in its original perfect form. And I find the concepts expressed by Antony and Julie concerning sinful evolution to be quite intriguing.

Did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil only as a testing tool of obedience?

Was the fruit of that tree designed to cause a genetic change in those who ate it (God allowed or planned evolution)?

Did the eating of the fruit bring about our sinful nature on its own?

Was the sinful nature the result of simply disobeying God, or was it the result of obeying another being instead of God (the selling of our soul to the devil)?

Having posed these questions, I must add that I personally don't believe that God created evil, but that He created us and the animals with a free will. God, in essence, took a chance that His creatures, heavenly and earthly, would be obedient, and would truly have the freedom of life He desired for us to have. He did not make us as pre-programmed robots. He gave us the ability to think and reason on our own. Thus, I believe it is the misuse of God's perfect creation that brings about sinful acts.

We know that today scientists have created genetically engineered food products. This is an evolutionary change with potentially staggering consequences. The trans-species aspect of such work is most definitely against God's will and creation intent of each plant and animal being of it's only kind. We also know that bacteria mutate or evolve into new strains that are resistant to previously effective antibiotics. If this is a type of "natural" evolution. Then we could equally conclude that genetic engineering is "unnatural" evolution.

Spiritually thinking, could the enticement of Eve and Adam by Satan, or his emissary the serpent, added an unnatural aspect to the fruit that brought about the destructive and sinful aspects in God's creatures? In other words, did this bring about an unnatural evolution? If we answer in the affirmative, we can see how flesh eating could have evolved. This would also be proof that it is totally against God's will, and that it is in reality a degrading tool of the devil to keep us separated from God.

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