Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Comments by Julie (22 Jun 1999)

I think in the beginning everything was so perfect there was no need for anything to evolve. Everything was in perfect harmony.  I do believe though that species can evolve now to better fit their surroundings/needs.  It seems that events in nature do show that a food chain does keep things in check, but this was not the original plan.

I see that God can communicate with animals.  Maybe He has an agenda with them we do not yet understand.  It was a serpent that allowed itself to be used.   Perhaps this cruel hunting of each other is a part of punishment. I do not know, but what I do know is all these amazing creatures were not brought about by a big bang.   Looking at all the awesome species of both plant and animal, and knowing there is much more out there waiting to be discovered, this is not an accident.  A mighty Creator designed this, and to even try to comprehend the power of creation sends my mind spinning.

I do have a question. If all creation was herbivore in the beginning, does anyone have a theory or answer as to when certain animals (carnivores) developed the tools they needed to chew/digest/etc. flesh? Did they develop these characteristics or were they created that way?

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