Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Response to Stephen Kaufman by Julie (24 Jun 1999)

I know this was not sent to me, but I was wondering myself how a perfect creature could sin.......

I think Adam and Eve ate the fruit because they were told they would be as gods, knowing good and evil. Having a free will, and not being God Himself......it seems to me that this free will means we have the option to decide if we will or will not remain perfect in God's eyes. I think they were perfect, with this option.

God cannot sin. Does He not have a free will? Or does He have a free will but because He is God He cannot or chooses not to sin because He cannot be fooled?

Jesus came as the son of God in the form of man. He could not sin. Did He not have a free will? Or did He have one but because He was a part of God He could not or chose not to sin because He could not be fooled?

Satan was the great angel in Heaven. He was not God in angel form. Was not the fact that he wanted to be a god a decision made from his free will? Did not also one third of the angels choose to follow him?

Adam/Eve were not God in human form like Jesus but in the image of God. They had a free will. Did not the fact that they were told they would be as gods and know good from evil, and acted accordingly, come from their free will?

I think the capacity to do evil is one of the potential attributes of having a free will without being God Himself, and not that of being perfect. Perhaps God's description of perfect for mankind was not knowing good and evil. When you handle what has been thrown at you, you are in the position to overcome even greater things. Maybe if we wouldn't have blown it, God would have blessed us even greater than He already had. Certainly the rest is histrory and that is why you see what you see today. The sad thing is I still see people wanting to be God.

In Heaven there will be no sin. We will be changed to God's perfection again. Does this mean we lost our free will, or that we will be enlightened by God and we cannot or choose not to sin because we cannot be fooled again?

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