Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Comments by Stephen Kaufman (22 Jun 1999)

How should we live? In searching answers to this eternal human problem, I think we should take advantage of any information we might have. There is extremely compelling evidence, from the fossil record, that species have evolved over time. Darwin was not the first evolutionist; he proposed a mechanism for evolution that remains widely accepted (with some modifications) among scientists today.

Consider an analogous situation. Galileo and others were punished for proposing that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, as this seemed to displace humankind from a privileged position. Ultimately, I think we are better off both scientifically and spiritually for accepting the overwhelming data that the Earth goes around the sun and not vice-versa.

Evolution is not a God, it is a process. It certainly appears amoral (like the gravity that pulls the Earth around the sun and sometimes brings airplanes crashing to the Earth, killing good people and bad people alike), and one need not hypothesize a God to explain evolution, particularly the Darwinian model for evolution. But, that does not mean 1) God does not exist or 2) there is no meaning in the universe. The miracle of the Universe's existence in general, and our lives in particular, is evidence that our lives are not meaningless. What we need is faith to inspire us to lead productive lives. What we should avoid is rejected a theory (e.g., Darwinianism) on the grounds that it appears ethically unacceptable. This will only narrow our understanding of the world around us and thereby make us less likely to answer accurately the question: How should we live?

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