Evolution - A Discussion
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Evolution - A Discussion

Response to Frank L. Hoffman by Stephen Kaufman (24 Jun 1999)

I believe we need to look at "evil" in the context of "good and evil". Then we need to come to an understanding of it in the same way we come to understand "light and dark" and "hot and cold".

Scientifically we know that there is no such thing as "darkness" or "cold". Darkness is really the absence of light, and cold is really the absence of heat. In the same way, I believe there is no such thing as "evil". Evil is really the absence of good.

God created everything as "good" and collectively as "very good". God gave us and apparently the angels a free will. A free will means that we have the ability to choose. We can choose to do that which is good in the sight of God, or we can choose not to, just as we can choose to turn off a light and be in darkness.

But the issue of sin as an evolutionary aspect of creation is a little more complicated. It involves a deceptive aspect. It involves a third party. It is here that the understanding of sin entered the world. If Eve and Adam had eaten of the fruit of their own free will, without outside interference, I don't believe the consequences would have been the same. There is a huge spiritual difference between not listening to God on our own, and listening to someone else who implies that God is a liar. It is from this latter case that I believe the sinful nature developed, and everything that came after it.

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