Excuses People Use to Try to Justify Killing and Eating Animals

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Excuses People Use to Try to Justify Killing and Eating Animals
By Derek - 7 Mar 2010

I don't understand this. Because humans didn't protect the animals (although I can find no reference to this in the Bible), God punished the animals with a horrible death. That's what you're saying? But doing good is about PROTECTING the innocent, not abusing them.

If God is all-powerful, surely he could have simply had all the humans drop dead, if they were so wicked...but to not only take out all the animals too, but do so in such a brutal, terrifying manner...how is that in any way good and loving?  

And you bring up something else that doesn't make sense to me: if God is all-knowing, he knew before he even created the universe that humanity would become wicked and need to be destroyed, and that he'd have to start all over again with Noah. So why did he bother starting out with Adam and let humans populate the Earth when he knew they'd all be wiped out? Why not just start with Noah? Wouldn't a good, loving God have done that to avoid killing countless millions of people and billions of animals?  

Which leads to another question: The whole point of the flood was to wipe out evil, but it obviously failed. So why did God do something so horrible knowing his efforts would fail completely? It doesn't make sense to me. Since God is all-knowing, he could have foreseen all the senseless death and destruction, so why didn't he create humanity without such corruption? He is all-powerful, so by definition he must be capable of creating humans who not only have free will but also will never choose to do great evil (after all, you don't have to have the capacity to commit rape, murder, assault, etc. in order to be able to choose whether or not to follow God). He already did this once, with Jesus, so we KNOW this is possible (assuming Jesus had free will and wasn't a robot).  

If the world turned out as it has, it must be because God WANTED it that way, or otherwise he could have done things so differently and still achieved his goal of salvation for humanity. And if God wanted Adam and his descendants to fail, wanted the flood to happen, and wanted Noah and his descendants to fail...how is this in any way compatible with a good, loving and just God? I just don't understand this.  

Derek Mathias