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By Derek Mathias - 14 Mar 2010

Nothing in the Bible says animals go to heaven. Regardless, that does NOT justify brutally killing them all in such a senseless, cruel way.

Why is it the holy spirit works almost exclusively in Christian nations? Sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Hitler said he was a Christian. Who are we to doubt him? He said he was doing God's work by killing the Jews. Just like Deanna Laney, who believed she was doing God's work when she murdered two of her sons. Well, Moses had the Levites murder their own friends and family (Exodus 32:27-29), and they believed they were doing God's work. The soldiers who murdered innocent babies for no good reason thought they were doing God's work (Numbers 31:17-18). How are they any different? How are these ANY different from what Hitler did?

And the Bible says only Christians go to heaven. Gandhi was not a Christian. Thus he is going to hell.

I'm not making ANYTHING up. This is all from the Bible.

God ordered tens of THOUSANDS of people killed, many of them innocent women and children. Yet you say true worship of God is always to seek peace. The Bible tells us directly that your claim IS NOT TRUE.

But you're right, we DON'T understand how worship of God promotes or allows evil things to happen...UNLESS we admit that God is not good at all, but profoundly evil. Then it ALL makes sense--ALL of it.

Derek Mathias

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