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By Derek Mathias - 17 Mar 2010

No. That's why I asked for the quote.

Regardless, though, even if animals have souls, is there any actual evidence they go to heaven? And even if they do go to heaven, how does that justify killing them in such horrible and terrifying ways? How is that any different from raping someone and then paying them a million dollars? The reward does not justify the cruelty inflicted when that cruelty never had to be inflicted in the first place. God EASILY could have saved the animals or at least not killed them so horrifically.

And you never answered my question: If not ordering babies to be murdered, women to be raped, rape victims to marry their rapists, threatening to force people to cannibalize their own children, condoning slaves being beaten so badly they can't even stand for days...what acts WOULD God have to commit in order for you to consider him evil?

Derek Mathias

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