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By Derek Mathias - 19 Mar 2010

Bacteria are bacteria. That's an entirely separate kingdom from either animals or plants. Thus they are neither.

Insects are incapable of feeling pain, and they too often die off in cold weather. The same is true for many other arthropods, fish, nematodes and the others I mentioned. They don't have sufficient nervous systems to experience any more pain than a plant can.

Again, this isn't a question of God's "righteousness judgment." Judgment itself is neither good nor evil, it's how it's applied that counts. If a criminal is punished with jail time, that's judgment that can be seen as good if it corrects the criminal's behavior or at least removes him from society. But if a criminal is punished by having his children murdered before his eyes, regardless of the outcome, that cannot be considered by any moral person to be anything other than evil judgment.

Unfortunately, God does so many of the latter acts--even to complete innocents like animals and children and people who have done nothing wrong--that a person must be willing to put aside his own moral compass in order for God to be seen as anything other than horrifically evil. Alas, you have done just that. Each time I've asked you to answer what acts would God have to do for you to consider him evil, you've refused to answer. Your evasion leads me to conclude that there is NOTHING God could do that would cause you to consider him evil. He could toss puppies in a wood chipper and laugh his head off, and you would declare it good.

I want no part of such moral blindness, so I will end my communication with you. In addition, I renounce Christianity. To prove I'm serious, I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit. As Mark 3:29 says, "Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin." I want no part of a religion whose followers must know in their hearts that God's actions are evil, yet they excuse his behavior simply because he is God. Fear of hell, or whatever it is that motivates you to follow such a profoundly evil being, is no excuse. It's cowardice. And I am no coward.

Good day.

Derek Mathias

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